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DCFS forms (required for admittance)

Application of Child Information:

Consents to Daycare Providers:

Certificate of Health Examination:

Summary of Standards with Verification Receipt:

  1. You must also provide:
    Copy of original birth certificate
    food program enrollment form
    receipt of handbook policies
    signed contract with deposit
  2. All of these forms must be turned in prior to first day of care



We love our families, and our families love us. Read what they have to say!

I am writing this reference on behalf of Tracy Colangelo. Tracy has provided childcare and preschool education for our family for 3 years. Our son, Max, started at Milestones in November of 2012 and our daughter, Madeleine, started in June of 2014.

Tracy doesn’t just provide childcare and preschool education to our family; she provides a home away from home in an environment where children can thrive. Between the educational and entertaining daily activities and the Milestones' Facebook page updates, Tracy provides structure, communication and fun every day – for both the children and the parents. Our son started at Milestones at when he was 2.5 years old from another provider and immediately showed improvements on colors, counting and the alphabet. Our daughter has been with Tracy since she was 3 months old and I cannot imagine it any other way. She is genuinely happy at Milestones and smiles every time we walk in their door. I can say that there has never been a time that my kids were upset going—that speaks volumes.

Milestones is an excellent provider to many families. Tracy and her team are amazing at what they do

-Tricia Barbier

It is my sincere pleasure to write this letter for Mrs. Tracy Colangelo. I have known Tracy since the Spring of 2012 when she was introduced to me by a colleague as a result of her superior skills in child care. Based on my colleagues reference and high regards for Tracy, I set up a meeting in order to see if my child would be an appropriate fit into her daycare/preschool, Milestones. Right from the start I knew that Tracy Colangelo had a warm, sensitive and caring personality. She welcomed me into her home and gave me a tour of the facilities. The spaces were well-organized, cohesive and tidy. The children were busily playing and learning and from my vantage point I could see my own child fitting in perfectly. After meeting with Tracy, I formally signed a contract for my son to begin in her daycare the following school year. This decision will prove to be a wise one for my family. As we welcomed another child in the next year, I could see long-term that the choice to work with and alongside Tracy would be more than beneficial for the growth and development of both of our children.  Tracy deserves the highest of praise from the state of Illinois as she is truly excelling in the classroom for her preschoolers and in daily care she provides to the  toddlers and infants. Tracy impacts children's’ lives. She strives to challenge them with ground-breaking educational delivery models and trust me when I is working. Her children at Milestone’s are learning at high levels, and I believe this is a direct result of the expertise of Mrs. Tracy Colangelo.

Here are some important facts to know about Tracy. She has worked with children since she was practically a child herself. She has always wanted to be a daycare provider, as it is in her makeup as a human being. She has two sons of her own, and as their mom, she is their biggest fan. She is supportive, loving and dedicated. Her daycare, Milestone’s, is a family affair. You can often find her helpful and kind husband assisting her with the children and interacting with the parents. Her two sons will also be present during the hours that the children are at Tracy’s. They will play with the children and make them laugh. The aura that they Colangelo’s put off is: positive, family-oriented and fun. Also, Tracy has an extensive knowledge base of the essential developments of children. She is well-versed in infancy through early childhood, and this is apparent when she helps guide the parents of the children through the different stages. Tracy is honest and helpful, especially when dealing with a child that may be acting out. She is patient and understanding as the child grows and develops into themselves.

Mrs. Tracy Colangelo taught our son from Fall 2012-Spring 2015. In August of 2015 he ventured off to kindergarten, and was more than ready. He learned so much from Tracy, and still to this day asks about her all of the time. She has made an imprint on his heart. Truly, that cannot be said about everyone. I am grateful that since the Fall of 2013 until the present time that she is still teaching and caring for our 2 ½ year old daughter. Tracy is a huge reason that I feel confident and competent in my profession; I know that my children are being loved in my absence. I know that my children are learning and laughing. I know that my children are growing and playing and making friends. I attribute this to Mrs. Tracy Colangelo, and her outstanding character.

I unhesitatingly endorse this letter that displays the wonderful character of Mrs.Tracy Colangelo.  I have appreciated the chance to know Tracy as she is helping us guide our children down the right path. I am grateful that I will still have the chance to work with her as our daughter grows and develops at Milestone’s. In closing, I am hopeful that she is recognized for her outstanding work as she provides learning and lots of love to the children in her home.

-Lindsay M. Benedetti

Our children have had the privilege to attend Milestones Family Childcare with Tracy Colangelo since August of 2012.Our oldest son started going to Milestones when he turned one year old and a year later, his younger brother joined him at four months old.

As parents you know you have made a good decision about childcare when your children are excited to go to daycare every day to see their friends and to see Tracy.My husband and I appreciate that Tracy views our relationship as a partnership.She always has the best interests of our children in mind. Tracy has a natural ability to work with children and to help us as parents.

We value that Tracy has a preschool program at Milestones.Tracy has helped our sons develop socially, physically and mentally.Tracy’s home has an atmosphere that is comfortable for our children to both play and learn.

Part of our oldest son’s nighttime routine is to say “Happy Thoughts”.As parents, we know our children are where they should be when “Going to Tracy’s” is a happy thought.Our children receive love and are happy each day they are at Milestones Family Childcare.Tracy is a member of our extended family and we feel very fortunate to have her in our lives.

-Sada and Steve Boden